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PICT1961 (Custom)

Our Pierogi are made fresh 5 days a week.  They are rolled, stuffed, crimped, boiled, cooled, packaged and immediately frozen. What’s more, all of this is done manually. There is no automated machinery used. Also you will find that our Pierogi are big. Bigger than many you will find elsewhere. They are approximately 5” across. How’s that for big?

Our Pierogi are perfect to serve as an appetizer, side dish or as the main course. They come with a choice of six delicious fillings including farmer cheese and potato, cheddar cheese and potato, potato and onion, sauerkraut and mushrooms, sauerkraut only and farmer cheese only.

If you’re interested in our product, please call us at 716 698-2280, or e-mail us at 

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PICT1960 (Custom)

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